Custom overlay twitch twitter Tweet Facebook share like youtuber content YouTube video WebCam search engine optimization social media content Charles Merritt quadcapableWhat is an Overlay?

Simply, an overlay is a digital image that may or may not be transparent that overlays another image or video. Think of it as a layer on top of the original. Those new to streaming or video editing may not have a full understanding of what overlays are in the context of recording digital content or live streaming. So, let me give you a quick rundown.

What an Overlay is Not.

An overlay is not supposed to make your content better. This is not what is going to make people follow, like, share, and/or buy your stuff. That comes from providing quality content and excellent services or products. The overlay only assists the broadcaster with adding additional information to their stream/video/social media content. Please review some of the examples below to get an idea.

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